On the 23rd October 2013 we were able to start cataract surgeries at Donald Fraser Hospital with the consent of the CEO and the co-operation of the Eye Clinic and theatre staff. We have a group of dedicated volunteer Ophthalmologists and nursing staff that come with us to Limpopo to help those less fortunate than themselves.

It is amazing to see the difference that this simple operation makes to a person's life. Many of these patients cannot see and have to be assisted into theatre by a nurse . They wait patiently on a hard wooden bench in the very cold theatre for their turn, and each operation takes about 30 minutes.

Making the project sustainable: Currently the theatre nurses are being trained to assist the doctors in surgery by professional Ophthalmic nurses. The future goal is to have the volunteer Ophthalmologists train and equip the hospital doctors to perform the surgeries. We have started communicating with other hospitals in the area to be able to simultaneously perform surgeries at each of them.

According to the WHO in order to prevent blindness there needs to be at least 3000 cataract surgeries performed for every million people in an area. The Vhembe District has a population of 1,294,722 - "Census 2011 by district council, gender, age in 5 year groups and population group". Statistics South Africa. Retrieved 6 November 2012.


We are partnering with volunteer GPs to visit clinics in Vhembe, Limpopo. The GPs that are based in the district don’t get around to visiting all the clinics as they are a great distance apart. Doctors don’t want to live in the rural areas as they can earn larger salaries by working in the cities, this results in patients waiting up to a month to be seen by a doctor.

We recently took volunteer Dr Jeannine van Lochem to the Ha-Makuya clinic and she was able to see 48 chronic patients in one day. If she had driven to the district it would have taken three days to accomplish the same amount of work.

To date (December 2015) our volunteer GPs have consulted with 747 patients.


We did our first Dentistry flight on 18 September 2014 whereby we took Dr Don Eksteen and Dental Hygienist Amori Booysen from Smile of Joy into the Vhembe District as part of Donald Fraser's Dental Campaign.

Read about their experience here

To date (December 2015) our volunteer dentists have consulted with 565 patients.


An exciting partnership with two cancer awareness non-profit organisations was started in 2013. With the help of Childhood Cancer Foundation (CHOC) and Pink Drive (Breast and testicular cancer awareness) we have been able to reach professional nurses, home base care workers, clinic managers and even traditional healers in the very rural clinics of Vhembe, Limpopo.

This awareness is a necessity as many of these clinics know very little about cancer and how to identify its early stages. Many community members visit the local traditional healers instead of the clinics and this has very bad consequences, resulting in death.

We believe with this continued partnership of cancer awareness many unnecessary deaths will be avoided in the future.

To date (August 2015) CHOC, Pink Drive have reached 69 people and DISA Health Care has done 15 pap smears.


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