90% of a child's brain growth occurs before they turn 5 years old, making these early years a very important stage in a child's life.


Our objective is to assess and identify the infrastructural needs of the 53 crèches we are currently working with. Some crèches are simple mud structures without safe kitchen facilities; toilets or clean, accessible water. Once these needs have been identified we look for partners to adopt a crècheand provide financial assistance to meet their needs.  
Find out more about Adopting a Crèche.


Flying for Life has partnered with JAM (Joint Aid Management) to start a feeding project in Vhembe, Limpopo. The project currently feeds approximately 2000 children in 53 crèches with the aim to add an additional 53 crèches in 2015.

“Hunger and malnutrition continues to be the major contributing cause of death for children and a major barrier to gaining an education in Africa” 
– JAM.
"Malnutrition caused by extreme hunger, both consequences of poverty, continues to be the biggest killer of children in Africa with more children dying of hunger than AIDS, Malaria and TB combined." 
- World Food Program [WFP]


We have spent a great number hours in many of these rural communities in Vhembe and one very obvious need we have identified is for teacher training.
Many, if not most, of the teacher/caregivers at the crèches have no formal Early Childhood Development training and this makes them unable to fully develop and equip the children for the future.
Love Trust is partnering with us to conduct training on a weekly basis with 10 teachers at the Segole Crèche. The course will take approximately 18 to 24 months to complete. The training materials provided are SAQA (South Africa Qualification Authority) approved and all students (teachers) who successfully complete the course will have a nationally recognised qualification for the practice of ECD education.
Through our relationship with the Tshikundamalema Trust, the tribal authority in the Vhembe District, we were given permission to make use of the Sagole community centre for this project. A qualified Level 5 and 6 teacher has been identified in the Sagole community to be equipped as the Teacher Training Centre instructor.

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