Flying for Sight

Written by our Paul Middleton, Pilot for our partner organisation, Mercy Air.

Mercy Air was once again privileged to fly an eye cataract surgery team on behalf of Flying For Life to Thoyohandou in the Limpopo province of South Africa.

This is a recurring trip, which we do about every two months, and which provides a much-needed service for people in the rural Venda district.

Eye 3

Eye 4

The patients had been readied for our arrival but there were still a few checks and tests to be done before surgery.

Eye 10

Then the procedures took place, one after another for the whole morning and afternoon.

Eye 5

Eye 6

Eye 9

The sunset on our flight back to Johannesburg.

GP 1

And after fueling there was just the journey back to Nelspruit for the pilot.

Eye 7

Another very worthwhile exercise and again, the flight saved a three-day round trip and allowed sixteen people to receive life-changing surgery.

Thank you.

Pilot, from the Mercy Air team.

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Registration number: 2011/002050/08
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