Educating those who educate

6828065 origThis year we started our Teacher Training Programme in conjunction with Love Trust.

From February 23-28 Love Trust ran an introductory week where study materials were handed to the students and files organised.11 students registered for the Level 4 ECD course and were enthusiastic and positive about studying, yet still a little reserved at the end of the week. Two student, Blessing and Khuti, were identified as students who could successfully translate and groups were arranged in such a way that they would be able to assist where others were unable to follow the facilitator due to language constraints.

The ladies were flown from Limpopo to Johannesburg on 10 March to attend the annual Love Trust conference in Midrand. They sat together as a group during all sessions, but joined in enthusiastically in all activities, leading all singing with great gusto. They were overwhelmed by the hospitality and entertainment provided for them. They also responded extremely well to the concept that they were part of a larger community and were inspired by their interaction with other students and practitioners from other parts of the country. They expressed their excitement and gratitude repeatedly throughout the two days.

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