The King will reply

‘The King will reply, “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” Matt 25:40

During 2015, Thendo Dama, Flying for Life’s Project Manager, walked into a “Disability Centre” in Vhembe. The building consisted of a small concrete garage, closed off from the scorching sun by cardboard and filled with 22 disabled people, ranging from the age of 8 years to those above 20 years old, each with a different disability. The state of the centre has overwhelmed each staff member and volunteer visiting, as they witness the hopelessness seen in the disabled people and staff.

The difference between an organisation that helps to uplift communities and an organisation whose foundation and focus is on the Lord Jesus Christ, is hope. We are sent by God to meet both the spiritual and physical needs of His people. When we do our part and put our faith in Him, divine strategy, providence and appointments follow.

We have partnered with Jan Willem, a Social Worker from Operation Mobilisation (OM), who specialises in serving Disabled people. He is currently training the teachers at the Disability Centre to best understand their clients.

The possibility to receive a pre-fabricated building has just arisen and hope is now dawning on those who both live and work there. Our bodies may not always respond but our spirit can, and there is now Light for those who hear the Word and receive the acts of love that God has purposed us to do.

If you feel moved to contribute toward equipping the staff and supplying key tools to give disabled people a future, simply complete the enclosed response slip and send it back to us or donate online at:    


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