Hope for the future


Our car pulled up to Maligana School and we wondered whether we were lost. We walked up to the blackened walls in hope that we were. This cannot be a place for children, thought Samantha Gumede Somdle, a Flying for Life volunteer who was in Limpopo to assist during three Career Days.

Samantha continued to share, “As we entered the scorched building, you shrunk. The fire had taken the roof. There was little shade from the hot Limpopo sun. The Principal greeted us in the hallway and escorted us to a humble room.

She was quick to ask us, “Are you reporters?”

"She had dealt with many during the aftermath of the burnings. After reassuring her that we were from Flying for Life she smiled and rested in her chair.”

Vuwani is a rural village community in the Vhembe District of Limpopo. This village had recently experienced political unrest. Community members burnt the very building that would bridge their children to a hopeful future.

But, there are many that will not be overcome by evil, they stand to overcome evil with good.
The Principal at Maligana is one of them. Although her school is ruined, she explained, “The only thing that is keeping me going is the love I have for these children.”

Flying for Life flew in Baaitse Consulting and partnered with Dr Kone from the University of Venda. Together they conducted Career Days for three Schools in Nandoni and Vuwani.

They believe that children need to have vision. School then becomes a necessary part of reaching the child’s goals; education becomes highly prized, and instead of picking up a weapon to protest against the Municipality, they will one day use their education to choose a better solution for their community.

During the Career Day, the children took part in study skills sessions, were introduced to a variety of careers with guidance and took part in psychometric tests. Psychometric testing helps to show your cognitive abilities and personality.

After the final test, the children reflected on their strengths. Baaitse shared about the talents that each person has been given through reading Matthew 25. In the parable, the master tells his servant, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much”.

Each child was encouraged to grow their talents, and to see that they have a purpose on earth to complete.

Samantha Gumede Somdle reflects on her time with Flying for Life in Limpopo, “It was really fulfilling to motivate the students to look beyond the ruins they were currently in and then see the eagerness in their faces for the future.”

Story by Gabriella Szabo


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