The power of volunteering: All for a good cause

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What is a rare sight to see in this busy cynical world that we live in? For me, it is seeing somebody do something kind for the next person. Kindness is one of the qualities I admire in people, it touches my heart and gives me hope in humanity.
Volunteering is one of the ways of showing one’s random acts of kindness. Volunteering is a love language. Volunteering builds empathy, strengthens social bonds and makes you smile, all factors that increase the feeling of love.
“The many facets of God’s beauty are summed up in one reality-
Wholehearted love”


To begin anything, it has to come from within, so starting with a cause that stands for something you believe in and deals with issues you are passionate about is a good start. Otherwise you can find an organisation that can benefit from your skill set. With Flying for Life, our mission is to bring medical, educational, and other specialist solutions to isolated people in rural communities of South Africa. All this is made possible with the help of specialists who volunteer within their respective field of work.

Volunteering: My Pathway to Employment

As an unemployed BA Strategic Communications graduate, one can call me a skilled-based volunteer- I help Flying For Life with their marketing and branding. This is an excellent opportunity to develop my talents whilst helping me you get ahead in my career. Volunteering my skills is also helping me develop new skills such as project management, fundraising and strategic planning. So volunteering for me is an investment for my future. Although It’s not just to gain work experience, I have had psychological benefits too. Flying for life has given me hope, unemployment can be depressing, so its fulfilling to put my qualification to good use.
It does not matter how big or small the good deed is, because in the words of Vincent van Gogh “what is done in love is well done”. So go out there and do something out of the kindness of your heart.

Find Volunteering Opportunities with us

Tshumisano is our volunteer programme
Meaning: Working together
We collaborate with people who would like to use their speciality to help others. Whether you are a doctor, builder, teacher or student, whatever your profession, you can get involved.

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By Katlego Matlou


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