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On Wednesday 13 May I, Thendo, travelled with Elna & Anita (Disa & Lancet); Dr Moloi & Germina (Dental); Dr V Lochem & Dr Barry (GP’s) from Johannesburg to the Tshikondeni mine, Limpopo.

Upon landing we were greeted by a group of children from the Tshikalange Primary School. Dr Moloi gave the children new socks, beanies and scarves for winter. The group was very excited to see the aeroplane and to receive the gifts.

The team then travelled to the Gondeni community to commence with the various tasks that lay ahead.

Elna & Anita did pap smears on 15 women and will follow up with the results for those who tested positive for HPV and Cancer. The team were really sad to discover that the majority of the woman they saw didn't own panties. Elna said "It was a great turn out as rural women are very shy and would generally suffer in silence if anything was amiss." She and Anita consider the day very successful.

Dr Moloi & Germina did extractions on 21 patients in the Department of Health's van.

Dr Barry and Dr Van Lochem consulted with 17 patients each and were pleased at the efficiency of the nurses they worked with. They are known by the community as doctors who keep their word. Apparently there is another doctor who comes occasionally, but the community is not happy with him/her because he/she may or may not pitch at times and only notify the clinic when the day is ended after patients have waited the whole day.The head sister said she is so grateful that the doctors who come with Flying for Life keep their word and that the community is really getting visible assistance from us.
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